In certain brands of your angelic conflicts, Lucifer try a keen angel whom compared the major G and you may been a combat

In certain brands of your angelic conflicts, Lucifer try a keen angel whom compared the major G and you may been a combat

Angelic Battle

As the an atheist, I’m however fascinated by the latest mythology of angelic conflicts, which is seriously more fascinating than the all others of bible. War = armies, which means that the brand new beautiful “host” must have private identities and you will characters, in order to come across edges. Because there is a conflict and many sided which have satan, indeed there must have been a global discontent into the Eden, or why should any angels top which have lucifer? Exactly what are the implications out of a keen angelic combat? Hmm. In the event that angels is also oppose Jesus, do which means that he actually so all-strong at all? Did Goodness endeavor within conflict?

In the event that he could be therefore all powerful, exactly what did the guy need certainly to fear away from starting competition? Exactly what. Then damage him or her in addition to? What’s the aim of demons? But moreover, as to the reasons performed god keep lucifer live? You to seems interesting to me. Some other story about bible ‘s the legend away from Goodness. This new bible repeats time after time you to definitely Jesus ‘s the only kid from goodness. When the jesus and you can jesus commonly people, what’s the part regarding proclaiming that God was god’s boy? As i try children, I imagined they certainly were just seeking to communicate exactly what a good sacrifice out of one another jesus and you will jesus one their coming to planet and perishing is actually. But that’s out of a human attitude. In the viewpoint from an enthusiastic almighty author-figure, goodness is simply several other manufacturing that he could easily re-would.

returning to lucifer. perhaps the reason why this 1 biblical “fact” that god is the Merely kid from god is engrained on the the newest heads of all the christians, in virtually any prayer, said at each and every meal, is basically a little bit of advertisements, the same as an automible agent saying they have an educated deal around . Possibly it is simply untrue. Possibly it is a mask. Maybe God actually god’s simply guy.


If you had a man who turned his right back for you, how would you react, just like the a father?? within the peoples words, you would possibly disown your boy, stop your out of our home, take away their genetics, rather than talk to him once more. Sounds quite similar on the facts away from lucifer, does it not? Maybe lucifer was the one planned to settle jesus’ set on earth. Perhaps lucifer are god’s firstborn kid, and you can god are the fresh new runner up. Perhaps just what lucifer opposed are the concept of condemning humanity try completely wrong, or possibly the guy merely knew that was probably affect him in the event that the guy obtained the newest sin around the globe: he would be forever split regarding heaven. Maybe goodness LIED in order to goodness, immediately following the guy composed jesus when deciding to take lucifer’s place. take note you to LUCIFER means white, and you can goodness try said to be the “white of the globe.” Perhaps lucifer was designed to function as the white worldwide, but he realized the truth. Get a hold of, about bible, it says that when Goodness obtained the new sin of the community and you can paid off the purchase price, which he was split out-of jesus. you to definitely jesus turned their back on his “only” boy. not, following three days later on the guy rises in the inactive. Around is apparently an opening throughout the area at this part. Why was he instantly forgiven?? how does that make people experience. why performed the guy only need to perish. what exactly is thus special regarding jesus he are able to afford all this new sin of your world forever, and additionally previous and coming, by being dead for only around three measly days. that does not frequently add up. As to the reasons failed to different angel do so? My personal think would be the fact perhaps god needed to trick god toward dropping so you can world, when in truth shortly after jesus used brand new sin of environment, he would become Forever split out of their “father” when you look at the eden. Hence, about anime “Hellsing,” that is big, it is hinted at some point one to Alucard, the initial vampire, is clearly goodness christ, detailing as to the reasons vampires is undead, as to why crosses, holy water, and you can garlic amount whatsoever so you can vampires: he is icons of living/perishing Goodness. Not brand new dead god. Together with, that it explains why however feel a vampire, in the event your sin of all the world have been never forgiven just after the guy got it up. Since will make a fascinating facts. maybe i should write an imaginary publication??

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