Members FAQ

It's important to upload videos that represent you best as well as fitting with a certain quality . You should not upload videos of bad quality blurry, or pixelated videos.
  • Nudity is strictly not allowed .
  • All videos are moderated before published .We will delete those we consider inappropriate, and if you continue trying to post such videos it may be cause for suspending your profile.
  • Also, do not upload videos whose copyright you do not own, or have no permission from the copyright holder.
  • Login to your account
  • If you haven't signed up , click register button and create an account .
  • Once you logged in to site , you will see 'Submit Video' button .
  • you can post as many videos , try to post creative videos , showcase your abilities .
  • Good profile videos will get you higher chances of being selected by Companies.
  • we don't charge members
  • you will get paid based on your rates per video.
  • we don't charge any subscription charges to members.
  • TOP 10 Stars get showcased on our website .
      Criteria for selection is based on below factors-
  • members with high likes and shares
  • members with most service delivered
  • members with most video uploads
  • members with good reviews from Clients
  • Clients may choose you for
  • - Product marketing videos
  • - Brand marketing videos
  • - Product review videos
  • - Social media videos
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